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Plus-size design Candice Huffine's profession has been near removing for a very extensive period, from featuring on Fashion Italia's plus-size protect this season to being the first plus-size design to appear in the yearly Pirelli schedule in 2015. 
Candice Huffine at amfAR's 22nd Cinema Against AIDS Gala in 2015.
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But if she's been on the precipice of supermodel-dom, her newest information should force that over the edge: Nowadays, IMG Designs declared that Huffine is the newest accessory for their "Curve" divison. Huffine connects the famous organization — the place to find the prefers of Gisele Bündchen, Kate Moss and other plus-size phenom Ashley Graham — from her past organization, Muse Control. It's not only a big shift for Huffine, but for IMG, who also just declared the release of its "Brawn" department with Zach Miko, its first plus-size men design. 

A rep for IMG informs Fashionista that the company is "thrilled" to have Huffine, a design they say symbolizes the shapely lady in high-fashion. "She really does fit in completely," the rep says, and Huffine could not believe the fact more. We jumped on the telephone with the 31-year-old design to get her take on how this shift will effect the style market, and what it way for the way forward for her profession. 

What was behind your choice to be a aspect of IMG?

I've always popular and relevant to IMG's perspective on the way forward for style. You can tell by their different list of skills and their panel that they have the same perspective that I do, and that's something that I was always attracted to, so it's just a ideal fit. I'm excited to get to work! I just really like the probability that comes with being there.

IMG just released its Brawn department. What are your what it really that release, and what it way for the industry?

I think it's a wonderful indication of the periods that we're in! Fashion should be for everyone, the entire globe is created up of all different individuals — there's elegance in that and style is adopting that. You can think that there's knowledge and admiration for all individuals that's really being presented now, so I think he's an excellent experience and an excellent reflection for that type of guy — for a brawn, fan, studly guy. I mean, why not? It's great! It's interesting to see what's next.

What does this shift mean for you and your career?

I do think, now more than ever, the your oyster for sure. I think that there's an excellent probability to force the package and crack through on a more popular stage, and to inspire and motivate manufacturers to promote or signify various dimensions, or even to increase the dimensions of their present selections. There's continuous perform — and a speech, and a concept — in displaying that shapely females are elegant and stylish, and to signify that in general in all press.

IMG symbolizes such famous models. What does it mean to be one of them now?

I know, it's really exciting! I'm really extremely pleased to be on the panel with all those ladies. I'm optimistic to have the same profession, I'm excited to see what's next. The best aspect of this market is the doubt of what's next — there's always a wonderful shock around the area. I think nowadays is associated with that in this amazing statement. With all the beneficial modify that's going on, I know that we're on the verge of something large, and that's what I want for myself. I'm prepared to large and crack through! 

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