Tuesday, 12 April 2016


The Reformation Scoops jumpsuit,
available at Reformation
Over a season ago, my mom long-term given me a fast jumpsuit that has gotten me through many a red-carpet situation. It has extensive pants feet and slim ties. It is limited without being limited and the material is official enough to allow me to move along in an unnoticed-yet-sophisticated way at elegant trade activities. As such, I try not to use it for off-duty activities, when the possibility of dropping alcohol and catsup on my chest area are very great.

You know what that means! It's time to get a another jumpsuit, just like my mom's, but more astrology. Voila! The Reformation has such products. It has extensive, flowy pants feet. It has filter ties. It is protected in STARS! Take that, mercury in retrograde. It's a onesie that I can use for the entire summer time, from wet times on someone's ceiling (remind me to create a buddy who has a great roof) to populated evenings at my community bar (remind me to choose a community bar). It's the type of clothing that a woman can get into some wonderful springtime trouble with — my Apr astrology says so, I guarantee.

Reformation Scoops jumpsuit, $198, available at Reformation

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