Monday, 18 April 2016


Taylor Swift et al. Photo: @taylorswift/Instagram
Sure, we predicted to see some chokers among the Yeezus merch and bandana neckties popular with Coachella showgoers last weekend; but never did this author predict that the throat equipment would get to the vividness stage of plant capped teeth — so much so that they've become symbolic of the wider occasion itself. But apparently Taylor Swift's recently bleached bob has blessed her with prophetic features that we think about would be of attention to the craze forecasters over at WGSN.

On Weekend, Instant published the above picture on Instagram of her happy group of other Coachella-goers, writing: "I experience like maybe chokers are the new plant crowns?" As the end of the week ongoing (and as we followed the sartorial deacyed plant material on Instagram), we saw just how precise Swift's predication was. It was in the distant past that the clean flower components were as inevitable among occasion participants as chokers are nowadays. Including a dash of '90s style to any clothing, the pendants — whether a skinny part of material or bulkier part of components — seem to signify a wider occasion style move from extremely Bohemian styles to something a little bit edgier and more personal. And while chokers have not yet joined "basic" area, they now seem intended to go the way of the plant top — which, you know, is a bummer for those of us who have not yet hopped on the trend's group.

Scroll through the below Instagrams for a direct look at just how popular choker pendants were during the first end of the week of Coachella. Did we ignore someone? I'm sure we did, because everyone was dressed in one, both on- and off-stage. 

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