Wednesday, 20 April 2016


& Other Stories Cupro Skirt, $85, available at & Other Stories.
I'm not a large fan of color-blocking, but I'm considering providing this never-ending pattern a go with this dress from & Other Experiences. Thanks to the dark segments, it's strong without being obnoxiously noisy, and the pleats in the dress preserve it from looking, um, too block-y. (You people know what I mean.) Best of all, it's a dress that'll never really go out of design, though you're more than welcome to don't agree with me in content area below. 

I really would buy it now if I could, but I registered a collection of 1099 types this previous end of the week, so I'll unfortunately have to hold back until the next pay day loan or, more likely, the next next pay day loan to get my practical this wonderful dress.

Not to fear, dress. You will ultimately be my own.

& Other Experiences Cupro Skirt, $85, available at & Other Experiences.

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