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Pharrell in front of his G-Star denim teepee.
Photo: G-Star Ra
You'd be hard-pressed to find a style collaborator as legendary as Pharrell. Since earlier aughts, the extremely innovative specialist has not only launched effective manufacturers of his own — Millionaire Guys Team and Ice Lotion — but he's also joined with some of the most significant manufacturers on the globe on a remarkable assortment. 

In the previous svereal years alone, Pharrell has developed eyewear for Louis Vuitton; developed a unisex perfume for Comme des Garçons known as "Girl;" showed up together with Cara Delevingne and Hudson Kroenig in a Chanel campaign; launched a selection of vibrant shoes for Adidas Originals; and even pleased high-class customers with a train-shaped selection of baggage for France trunk-maker Moynat. Let's not forget his unabashed sartorial risk-taking, either — from his traditional Vivienne Westwood Grammy's hat that launched 1000 memes to his periodic appreciation for dressing up like a (very chic) bellhop.

Last season, he was renowned for these success and more at the CFDA Prizes, where Kanye Western provided him with the Fashion Symbol Award; in his conversation, he wax graceful on both his long term love of favor and the power of creativity. The latter is essential to Pharrell, actually that he lately included the headline "Head of Imagination" at G-Star Raw — the Nederlander denims product that he became co-owner of in Feb — to his continue. His connection with the business goes returning to 2014, when he joined with G-Star on a maintainable style venture known as "Raw for the Sea." As the innovative film director and co-founder of Bionic String (yes, another job), a business that converts removed waste into materials, he assisted to build a selection of denims with discussions created from reprocessed sea nasty. Not an easy task, but one he's very enthusiastic about — and clearly extremely pleased of.

While Pharrell has been a member of the G-Star Raw family for some time, he'd only frequented the label's two-year-old Amsterdam head office — a hangar-like cup and tangible area created by Rem Koolhaas — just once until we met last week. He welcomed a substantial number of worldwide publishers and influencers to be a part of him on a wide trip of the manufacturer, where every single division of the business (from the innovative to the corporate) is based. To help create the encounter special, he welcomed a couple of his popular, fashion-loving buddies along: ASAP Bumpy and Miguel, who seemed truly encouraged to go along with him on the experience, which was not only academic, but also a unusual look into Pharrell's stunning creativity.

Pharrell and A$AP Rocky. Photo: G-Star Raw

We were welcomed at the manufacturer by an completely on-brand employees, wearing head-to-toe denims. Quickly, factors took a turn for the strange, when two efficiency performers, whom Pharrell later known as "ocean buddies," provided completely still in what seemed to be red jean biohazard matches. Soon, Pharrell and his posse came — the man of the hour wearing a denims jumpsuit stitched with "Head of Imagination" on the rear again — and we started on our huge trip, starting with their 35,000-piece database in the underground room. 

G-Star Raw doesn't consider itself to be a "fashion brand;" rather, it's a business of product technicians with the common goal of regularly searching for while paying regard to the previous. Its decades-old database is the true primary of the product, where motivation is procured and the style and style procedure begins. We were able to wander the shelves easily, and they're loaded not only with beginning G-Star selections, but also with one-of-a-kind items that workers have procured from all around the globe. This place had everything: firemen's layers, army outfits, snorkeling equipment, traditional denims, boat evade matches, motorbike equipment and more. (I was particularly attached to of a traditional candy striped Pendleton cover, which Miguel also provided his press as he strolled past.) The group demands that, while the selection is wide and apparently unique, returning to these items it crucial to G-Star Raw's online style procedure, as the business always looks to the history of an outfit before trying to transform it.

Inside the factory's 35,000-piece archive. Photo: G-Star Raw

As we shifted through the rest of the manufacturer, we decreased in on the denims developers who were working difficult within the atelier, and were provided to one of the label's latest creations: a set of traditional five-pocket denims modified to include a bum pack-like wallet in the front. The group known as them an "experience" to put on, and while they're only available for women at the moment (much to the chagrin of ASAP, who known as them "dope"), there's a chance they'll be included in more selections thanks to the positive reaction thus far. 

Next, Pharrell provided us a briefing on the beginning of his "Raw for the Oceans" pills, and the G-Star Raw group distributed that it's been so effective that they will begin integrating reprocessed yarn into the main selections to further increase durability. "All we're saying is we don't want to create virgin mobile cotton any longer," Pharrell included later. "That plays a role in the as well as impact. What we'd like to do is maintain what we have... so we'll just use nasty that's been neighborhood a few times

A denim shark suspended from the ceiling. Photo: G-Star Raw

The last stop of the trip was the most eye-opening, despite the truth that there was very little outfits involved. The G-Star Raw group makes an effort to improve its style abilities to stuff that have nothing to do with what individuals use, with the expectation that it will help them better understand what they do use. So, nearly everything within the office — from the customized wedding celebration table to the carpets to the seats created in cooperation with Prouvé — is created in-house, and there is apparently no restrict to what kinds of things they'll come up with using their trademark denims. It's art for art's benefit, if you will.

Over drinks and a DJ set by Hd Viera-Newton, we were let reduce within the open collection area to discover G-Star Raw's most out-there items, along with a massive denims shark (and other sea creatures) that installed from the rafters; a tricked-out kayak; two-headed mannequins designed in post-apocalyptic looks that could have been directly out of the "Mad Max" outfit closet; and denims fold-out seats around a sky-high denims teepee, which was designed by Pharrell after an outdoor film event he joined with his son motivated him.

As the "Head of Imagination," Pharrell ensured to spot how blessed he is to be an innovative power that co-owns a private company. "That allows me as an ideator not to be cuffed by traditional business methods," he was quoted saying. "When I want to create a raw denims teepee, I can do it. There's not a board of individuals I have to ask." This loads of independence is what will keep him working to power G-Star Raw's durability initiatives forward, without pushing the "eco-friendly" concept in customers' encounters. Before the day came to a close, a other manager requested Pharrell (while within the teepee) if fashion's always been of interest to him. "Fashion's essential to everyone," he responded. "Unless they're wandering nude, what they use is a representation of what they think and feel. Period."

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