Thursday, 14 April 2016


Madewell Candy striped Off-the-Shoulder
Top, $72, 
available at Madewell.
I'm a infamously bad consumer. If there's particular product or wider figure I've been seeking, I'll hold back again until the last possible time to get the induce — that is, if the part has not already soldout, which, due to my above mentioned procrastinatory propensities, happens quite often. In some situations, I'll waffle on a pattern for several periods in order to determine the actual version I want. Situation in point: the off-the-shoulder top, a design for which I've invested decades definitely looking. But my pursuit might be over.

Meet Madewell's Candy striped Off-the-Shoulder Top, which has been slowly building up to the side of my mind for the last two several weeks or so. After much thought, I've come to the understanding that this shirt might just be The One. With a simple '70s visual, it's windy and flexible, absolutely being the ideal supplement to the best couple of jeans cut-offs for summer several weeks saturdays and sundays invested roaming about. I know I'd use it enough to make up for its $72 cost tag (and then some) — so what do we think, team? Should I buy this factor already?

Madewell Candy striped Off-the-Shoulder Top, $72, available at Madewell.

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