Thursday, 28 April 2016


Red Flower Ionizing Vita Flower Mist, $38, available at Red Flower
Red Flower Ionizing Vita Flower Mist, $38, available at Red Flower
I recently used this column as a place to write about the worst breakout of my adult life, and how I turned to a $12 oil for a solution. Once I let the preternatural Bio-Oil run its course, my skin did end up chilling out, but with an unfortunate caveat: I was left with a number of dark spots where the bumps once were. So, over the weekend, I got a facial, hoping that my esthetician could recommend some products or practices to make those pesky splotches disappear. 

What she told me was not entirely surprising: My skin was "stressed out" beyond belief, and all those homemade remedies I was whipping up last month only heightened its anxiety. Lol, oops. I was instructed to stock up on all-natural products, drink a crap-ton of water and do some yoga or something. In that spirit, I decided to try out Red Flower's Ionizing Vita Flower Mist, which touts concentrated plant water and whole essential oils to balance such stressed skin as my own. It sprays on in a fine layer and smells delicious — and when you check out the ingredients, it's no surprise why. (We're talking lavender flower water, grapefruit seed extract and pink grapefruit oil, among others.) I've only been using it for a few days, so here's hoping it has as dramatic an effect as the Bio-Oil did. I'll see you back here next month for an update.

Red Flower Ionizing Vita Flower Mist, $38, available at Red Flower.

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