Thursday, 27 October 2016


With just 12 (?!) short days left before Election Day, I've noticed one politically minded T-shirt take over my Instagram feed. Look familiar?
I Feel Like Hillz Stencil Shirt, $25, available at I Feel Like Hillz.
I Feel Like Hillz Stencil Shirt, $25, available at I Feel Like Hillz.

Probably, yes, because Brooklyn-based "movement" I Feel Like Hillz — which includes "crowd-sourced stories, curated merch and street art" in support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton — hasn't left the Tri-State area alone since it launched four weeks ago.
(Plus, all of its profits go towards Get Out the Vote initiatives!) And while the aforementioned Pablo-inspired tee seems to have been getting the most traction, I Feel Like Hillz's other T-shirt offerings are equally strong, yet stylish contenders for wearing your vote on your sleeve.

Over the weekend, I bought myself the above stencil shirt, which I plan on sporting fairly regularly until Nov. 8 comes around. I'll admit, I had a tough time deciding between this and the "I Feel Like Science" tee until Fashionista's Social Editor Chloe helped put things into perspective when she mentioned that the stencil tee was a bit more timeless and that I'd be able to pass it down to my future daughter, or whatever. And how could I resist that emotional pandering?

In the sage words of Kendall Jenner: "Voting is cute." Really.

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